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Close your eyes for 60 seconds and then read on...   OK, that's a lot to ask and quite difficult for most but imagine a world without sight.  Imagine not being able to see a beautiful sunset or your lover's smile.  When people and children don't have access to corrective glasses they struggle their entire lives and many will go completely blind.  We spend billions of dollars in aid providing food, education, healthcare and medicine, all given in the spirit of "helping people help themselves".  Helping the vision impaired person has a ripple effect to everyone around them.  For those who cannot see well the world is a much smaller, more isolated place.  Daily task are more difficult, accidents more frequent, holding a job harder, finding enough food arduous, and ultimately looking after a family may become impossible.   In "our" world we take vision for granted.  We think nothing of spending hundreds of dollars for eyeglasses because good eyesight is essential as it affects every aspect of our lives. 

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