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about us

See by Sea is a charitable organization that will be delivering prescription glasses to the most remote places of the World.  In his quest to help change the lives of as many people he can, Dale Denelle launched this entity by converging his boating experience in the US Coast Guard and his philanthropic pursuits of his past. 

Our Story

I was lucky enough to grow up by the Ocean.  Everything we did as kids revolved around the Sea.  From a very young age I can remember looking out over the water and dreaming about seeing the world.  What was beyond that horizon?  Who would I meet?  I figured why live on this planet and not see the whole thing.  The ironic thing is that in my 54 years of life I have traveled minimally and have lived in a 10 mile radius for its entirety.  Raising my children in my own hometown surrounded by family and close friends of course has its benefits.  Currently I have a daughter graduating from the University of Mary Washington with the dream of becoming a Doctor.  My Son has taken a different path and in so doing has taught me more about myself than anyone would really care to know.  Oliver is a bright-eyed handsome child.  He was inquisitive and happy, my greatest accomplishment! He was a big kid and growing fast, at least a full head taller than everyone else in school.  It was in the 2nd grade that we noticed Oliver was squinting and having trouble writing.  It was later determined that Oliver was seeing double and a pair of glasses would "fix him right up".   It did help Oliver and I saw first hand how important good vision was for a successful future.  

Along with providing for my family I have dabbled in a life of service, service to the Lion’s Club (started by Helen Keller), service to my Country as a Staff Officer of the Coast Guard Auxiliary, and many other important charitable organizations.  It is through these experiences that I discovered a convergence of sorts.  A convergence of my passion to sail the world and the need to provide prescription glasses to the most remote places on earth.  What better life could each of us have but to be in service?  To this end it is our dream to deliver prescription glasses to the most remote Islands of the world.  To watch a young child see with clear vision for the 1st time.  To change someone’s direction in life… not unlike Oliver’s direction was changed by his double vision.