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See by Sea.org

We believe that giving the gift of sight will give each person a new perspective on life. Glasses can increase productivity by 35% and monthly income by 20%! Help people help themselves...

Giving to the most needy of the world is an amazing way to live one's life.  By using a Sailboat we will have sustainable giving longevity and very little impact on the environment.   Join us on this journey...

join this voyage around the world...

When you donate to this amazing cause you will have a chance to join us on the sailboat and experience the feeling of changing someone's life forever!

By giving to this Voyage you will be helping the most needy people of the world and in turn we will provide video documentation of the process.  You will literally take the voyage with us! 

These remote Islands are the most difficult to access.  This is the very reason we have chosen them as places to visit, and help!